Sanispace Solar

Self-sufficient Solar Toilets

Sanispace Solar

The Sanispace Solar units are designed with both practicality and durability in mind. The units feature an all-steel exterior with high impact resistance and a heavy-duty door locking system, providing maximum security and protection. Sanispace Solar is the ideal eco-friendly and hassle-free portable toilet solution for any location. Whether you’re planning a construction project, hosting an outdoor event, or simply need toilet units for a remote site, the Sanispace Solar units have you covered.

Standard Features

Solar Panels with Inverter
Full Flush Toilet
Robust Vandal Proof Design
Full Forearm Sink - On-demand Hot Water
Highly Efficient Power System
Lithium Battery (optional upgrade)


All-steel construction - high security design
Drop-through Full Flush Toilet
Waste Tank Full Indicator
Stainless Steel Full Forearm Sink
On-demand Hot Water (12V Diesel)
Heating System (12V Diesel, optional)
PIR LED Lighting
Solar Panels with Inverter
Lithium Battery with charger for Winter Months Top-up
Forklift Pockets

Layout Suggestions

Single Toilet
Double Toilet
Dimensions & Capacities