Bespoke Cabin Design

Bespoke Cabin Design

Cabins can be designed for exhibition units, sales offices, laboratory’s, home offices or building extensions, allowing you the building of choice without compromise.
Various room sizes, toilets, showers or any other amenity can be configured into your cabin with a choice of finishes, colours and styles. Window and doors can be positioned where you want them along with internal walls and door openings.

Once the basic design has been agreed we will provide you with a scale drawing showing you elevation and plan drawings of your pro-posed cabin. Once approved we will confirm a manufacture date and add to our production schedule.

Bespoke Cabins - the possibilities are endless!

Design a cabin that works for you

Choose your size
Choose your internal layout
Choose your window and door layout
Choose your internal fittings
Choose your colour or paint finish
Choose your lighting

Bespoke design options

Corrugated or flat panel finish
PVC or Aluminium windows
A range of door options
Vinyl or laminate flooring
Plaster board, laminate or dry line walling