Mobile Welfare Range

Mobile Welfare Range
11 Person Mobile Welfare Cabin

The Cabintec Roamer 258EO offers a larger welfare solution with the same amenities as our 136E but includes an office and a canteen that accommodates 11 people. The system is just as easy to deploy and ready to use within minutes, making it an ideal choice for sites lacking local amenities. All standard welfare cabins are fitted with economical silenced generators and energy-saving features to reduce fuel consumption, lower noise pollution and cut emissions.

Numerous security features are included to offer the reassurance that your unit will remain where you left it and that your kit is safe inside. Designed to withstand the demanding rental market, Roamer welfare units are built using the best quality components and materials to ensure the reliability and years of service your business requires.

Standard Features

Heated Canteen area with seating for up to 11 People
Fully equipped Kitchen area with fresh & waste Water
Fully recirculating Chemical Toilet
Full Forearm Sink with hot running Water
Drying Room
6kVA Silenced Generator
LED Lighting with PIR Sensors
Hydraulic ground lowering Security System
High Security Doors and Window Shutters
Lowered into position in under 2 minutes
Low Fuel cut out Sensor
CO (Carbon Monoxide) Alarm

Quick Site Set-up

Deployment on site couldn’t be easier, simply de-couple from your vehicle and lower to the ground using the detachable fly lead. Our fully approved hydraulic lowering system is simple to operate, no levers, no locks, no fuss!


Length 5.8m/19ft
Length (including draw bar) 7.1m/23ft 4”
Width 2.3m/7ft7”
Unladen weight/ Maximum GVH 2440kg/3500kg
Height up/down 2.92m/25.3
Toilet tank capacity 280l
Water capacity fresh 20l waste 20l
Fuel tank capacity 58l
Generator run time on full tanks 25hours approx

Standard Features

Flat panel all steel construction
Fully galvanised chassis
Stainless steel external fittings
High quality paint finish
Front security hood with latch opening from inside the cabin
6kVA Stephill generator remotely operated from the cabin
Generator shut down timer & low fuel cut out sensor
Recycled non slip, long-life flooring
Fully certified electrics
Fully approved road towable & hydraulic lowering axle system
Low level plinth cabin heater
Bench seating with back rests
Kettle, microwave & sink with hot water
First aid kit & Fire extinguisher
Notice board & hand towel dispenser
Cabins can be manufactured to a specific colour of your choice
*RAL code must be provided
Model Options EO | EOX | EOXS
Save fuel, lower noise pollution & reduce emissions
  • EO | All Standard cabins are fitted with energy saving & noise reduction features
  • EOX | Efficient Diesel Option | Optional warm air heaters provide a more comfortable & efficient work environment
  • EOXS | Roof-mounted Solar Panels | Reduce your costs & carbon emissions further with optional solar panels