Breaking New Ground: Kensite Services’ 9-week demo with CabinTec’s solar-powered toilet in Greater Manchester achieves 100% solar energy use, sparking an order for 30 additional units.



Kensite Services, at the forefront of providing welfare solutions across the UK, embarked on a mission to integrate sustainability into their operations. Partnering with CabinTec, they trialled the innovative SaniSpace Solar single toilet, aiming to significantly reduce their environmental footprint while elevating the on-site experience for users.


Customer Feedback

Chloe Ainscough, Finance and Commercial Director of Kensite Services was highly satisfied by the CabinTec Solar Toilet and they eagerly anticipate introducing these solar-powered toilets to their customers.

Customer Quote: “We were really pleased with how this unit performed. It has done exactly what CabinTec said it would do, which is very reassuring when talking about a hire product. We have since received our first batch of toilets from CabinTec and look forward to them fulfilling this order between now and year-end.”


Throughout the nine-week test period, the Sanispace Solar single toilet demonstrated excellent performance. Data gathered revealed the toilet was used an average of 16 times per day, indicating its reliability and efficiency in meeting the site’s sanitation needs. The solar panels provided 100% of the electrical energy required, even on days with minimal sunlight.

Product Information

The Solar Toilet is an eco-friendly and highly energy-efficient portable toilet solution designed and developed by CabinTec. This unit uses solar power to create a self-sustainable sanitation solution. The key features of the Solar Toilet include:

  • 3 x 150w solar panels with inverter
  • Victron MPPT smart controller
  • 3 x 150AH deep cell batteries
  • 240V battery charger for winter top-up
  • 12V Webasto water and heating system with automatic frost protection
  • Drop-through toilet
  • Full-forearm sink
  • 500L waste tank
  • 400L fresh water tank
  • 53L diesel tank


The Solar Toilet boasts an exceptional battery life, capable of operating for 20-24 days on a full charge. This remarkable autonomy is achieved through its efficient solar panels, which actively recharge the batteries from March to October, significantly reducing the need for external power sources. In the winter months, to maintain the batteries’ longevity and performance, it is advisable to top them up via mains electricity every 10-14 days, ensuring consistent and reliable operation throughout the year.



The implementation of the Solar Toilet brings numerous benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, minimised noise pollution, and decreased dependency on fossil fuels. In addition to its environmental advantages, the Solar Toilet also offers cost savings. Compared to a standard diesel-generated toilet, this unit can provide up to an 80% reduction in running costs.

With CabinTec’s Solar range, you can benefit from sustainability, environmental friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. In addition to contributing to a greener future, this portable sanitation solution provides a reliable and convenient option for on-site sanitation.


Interested in exploring how our sustainable solutions can benefit your business? Contact our sales team today for more information and tailored advice.

We at Cabintec are proud to announce the launch of our new Roamer product, the Solar Welfare Unit, which we recently showcased at the Executive Hire Show in February. The Roamer 136EXS Welfare Unit is a state-of-the-art mobile unit that provides welfare facilities such as a toilet, dry room, and kitchen facilities. The unique aspect of this unit is that it is part-powered by solar energy, making it a clean and eco-friendly alternative to traditional welfares.

A display of the unit was held at the Executive Hire show in front of industry experts and members of the public. It received a lot of attention and positive feedback from those who visited the stand. The unit’s sleek design and self-sufficient nature make it ideal for remote worksites without access to traditional power sources.


The Solar Welfare Unit is equipped with solar panels that are mounted on the roof of the unit, which capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. This energy is then used to power the unit’s various facilities, including lighting, heating, and power outlets. The unit also comes with a backup generator and cell battery, ensuring it can continue operating even during periods of low sunlight.

Speaking about the Solar Welfare Unit, Cabintec Managing Director Barry Kerr said, “We are excited to introduce this innovative new product to the market.” The Roamer 136EXS provides a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional welfare units for worksites and other industries. “We believe that this product will revolutionize welfare facilities on work sites and at events.”

The Solar Welfare Unit is now available to purchase, and the company has already received significant interest from potential customers. This innovative product is not only good for the environment, but it also represents significant cost savings for companies and organizations.

The Roamer 258ESO!

The newest addition to our Roamer Range, with all the features of our Roamer 136e but bigger!

Featuring a canteen that can accommodate up to 11 people, an office area, a toilet, and a dry room,

this towable unit gives you all the space and comfort you need out on site.

Even with its increased size it is still easily set up and ready to use in under two minutes.


Cabintec attended its first National Ploughing Championships.  The largest outdoor event with almost 300k visitors! ?

We really enjoyed getting to meet our new and current customers and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to visit us at our stand.

It was the perfect opportunity to showcase a selection of our products. The high-quality finish across all our cabins really impressed our visitors!

See you next year!

Portafill showcased two new machines at Hillhead 2022, the largest quarry, construction, and recycling exhibition in the UK.

Our clients wanted to make a statement, so they asked us to design and build a custom exhibition cabin that will stand out from the crowd.

By introducing a modern flat-panel design, we believe we’ve achieved this. This cabin features

full-length retractable awnings, GRP decking and a full glass front.

View our custom-built cabin and we think you’ll agree that it is stunning!

Local Hire company KDM hire Ltd have given our new Roamer welfare cabin a vote of confidence.

KDM’s cabin hire division K Cabin has placed an order for 20 Roamer 136ES mobile welfare units to add to their fleet.

This is the first multiple unit order for the newly designed product and is a great boost to our design and build teams who have worked hard over the last year to bring this product to completion.

Impressed by the build quality and features to improve the maintenance and life of the product, KDM’s team accessed the units vigorously before giving the thumbs up.

Hopefully the first of many orders!