John Sisk & Son, Ireland’s leading construction company, has been at the forefront of building and contracting across Ireland, the UK, and Europe for generations. Renowned for delivering high-quality projects ranging from intricate commercial buildings to expansive infrastructure projects, their dedication to excellence is renowned, along with a profound commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.


The diverse and often transient nature of John Sisk & Son’s projects presented a unique challenge: providing high-quality, functional, and sustainable workspaces for their on-site teams. The company sought a solution that would not only offer practical benefits but also align with their ambitious sustainability goals. They needed workspaces that were adaptable, eco-friendly, and reflective of their brand’s commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

The Solution: Sustainability at the Core

“At Sisk, we’re dedicated to leading the way in sustainability, ensuring that our projects not only meet but exceed environmental standards. CabinTec’s innovative approach to eco-friendly cabins has been instrumental in helping us achieve our sustainability goals,” remarked Barry Murphy, Plant Operations Manager at John Sisk & Son.

CabinTec’s designs focused on energy efficiency, utilising sustainable materials, and minimising waste, thereby significantly reducing the environmental footprint of temporary construction site setups.

Tailored and Efficient

Working in close collaboration with John Sisk & Son, CabinTec developed customised cabins that were specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of each project site. Rapid deployment and flexibility were key, ensuring that these eco-friendly solutions were delivered swiftly and could be adapted or relocated as project needs evolved.

Promoting Environmental Welfare

CabinTec’s cabins were not only designed with sustainability in mind but also aimed to enhance the overall site welfare. By providing a comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient environment, these cabins supported John Sisk & Son’s workforce, fostering well-being and productivity on site.

A Partnership for the Future

Barry Murphy noted, “This partnership with CabinTec has set a new standard for sustainability in construction site operations. Their bespoke cabins have become a cornerstone in our strategy to not only improve our environmental performance but also to lead by example in our industry.”

Product Information

The Nomad 8511S-Gen

The Nomad 8511S-Gen stands as a testament to sustainable innovation, designed to support larger construction crews with unparalleled efficiency. This unit blends spacious design with cutting-edge energy solutions, setting a new standard for on-site welfare.

  • Dimensions: 8.5m x 3m, catering to a large workforce.
  • Comprehensive Facilities: Includes a 10-person canteen, two bathrooms, generator room, dry room, office space for 1-2 people, maintenance room, and storage.
  • Advanced Energy System: Equipped with 11 solar panels (405W each), a 3kW solar inverter, and 14.4kW lithium batteries.
  • Hybrid Energy: Features a 6kVA backup generator for consistent power supply.

This smart solar system reduces generator use from 50 to just 4 hours weekly, slashing fuel costs by £115 per week (£5,980 annually) and saving £1,300 on maintenance. This significant efficiency boost offers both financial savings and environmental benefits, marking a leap forward in sustainable construction site management.

Barry stated, “The hybrid approach optimises fuel consumption, striking a balance between sustainability and functionality. This aligns with our goal of minimising environmental impact while meeting the energy needs of construction sites efficiently”.

The Roamer 258EOXS

  • Mobile Efficiency: Designed for seamless relocation across sites.
  • Power System: Features a 6kVA generator and solar panels with batteries to power 12V lights, water pumps, hydraulic systems, and a diesel heater efficiently.
  • Telematics Integration: Offers advanced monitoring of performance and location for enhanced operational oversight.
  • Essential Amenities: Equipped with a low-usage fridge, Burco water heater, fresh drinking water access, and a microwave for increased self-sufficiency.
  • Advanced Waste Management: Includes a toilet with a drop-through system, supported by comprehensive waste and water tanks.

Barry added, “The Roamer has been pivotal in advancing sustainable, efficient on-site welfare solutions for us. Its innovative features offer significant operational cost savings without impacting performance, setting a new benchmark in construction site accommodations.”


The collaboration between CabinTec and John Sisk & Son epitomises innovation, sustainability, and practicality in the construction industry. By delivering customised, eco-friendly welfare solutions, CabinTec has played a pivotal role in supporting John Sisk & Son’s mission to enhance sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Breaking New Ground: Kensite Services’ 9-week demo with CabinTec’s solar-powered toilet in Greater Manchester achieves 100% solar energy use, sparking an order for 30 additional units.



Kensite Services, at the forefront of providing welfare solutions across the UK, embarked on a mission to integrate sustainability into their operations. Partnering with CabinTec, they trialled the innovative SaniSpace Solar single toilet, aiming to significantly reduce their environmental footprint while elevating the on-site experience for users.


Customer Feedback

Chloe Ainscough, Finance and Commercial Director of Kensite Services was highly satisfied by the CabinTec Solar Toilet and they eagerly anticipate introducing these solar-powered toilets to their customers.

Customer Quote: “We were really pleased with how this unit performed. It has done exactly what CabinTec said it would do, which is very reassuring when talking about a hire product. We have since received our first batch of toilets from CabinTec and look forward to them fulfilling this order between now and year-end.”


Throughout the nine-week test period, the Sanispace Solar single toilet demonstrated excellent performance. Data gathered revealed the toilet was used an average of 16 times per day, indicating its reliability and efficiency in meeting the site’s sanitation needs. The solar panels provided 100% of the electrical energy required, even on days with minimal sunlight.

Product Information

The Solar Toilet is an eco-friendly and highly energy-efficient portable toilet solution designed and developed by CabinTec. This unit uses solar power to create a self-sustainable sanitation solution. The key features of the Solar Toilet include:

  • 3 x 150w solar panels with inverter
  • Victron MPPT smart controller
  • 3 x 150AH deep cell batteries
  • 240V battery charger for winter top-up
  • 12V Webasto water and heating system with automatic frost protection
  • Drop-through toilet
  • Full-forearm sink
  • 500L waste tank
  • 400L fresh water tank
  • 53L diesel tank


The Solar Toilet boasts an exceptional battery life, capable of operating for 20-24 days on a full charge. This remarkable autonomy is achieved through its efficient solar panels, which actively recharge the batteries from March to October, significantly reducing the need for external power sources. In the winter months, to maintain the batteries’ longevity and performance, it is advisable to top them up via mains electricity every 10-14 days, ensuring consistent and reliable operation throughout the year.



The implementation of the Solar Toilet brings numerous benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, minimised noise pollution, and decreased dependency on fossil fuels. In addition to its environmental advantages, the Solar Toilet also offers cost savings. Compared to a standard diesel-generated toilet, this unit can provide up to an 80% reduction in running costs.

With CabinTec’s Solar range, you can benefit from sustainability, environmental friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. In addition to contributing to a greener future, this portable sanitation solution provides a reliable and convenient option for on-site sanitation.


Interested in exploring how our sustainable solutions can benefit your business? Contact our sales team today for more information and tailored advice.

Portafill showcased two new machines at Hillhead 2022, the largest quarry, construction, and recycling exhibition in the UK.

Our clients wanted to make a statement, so they asked us to design and build a custom exhibition cabin that will stand out from the crowd.

By introducing a modern flat-panel design, we believe we’ve achieved this. This cabin features

full-length retractable awnings, GRP decking and a full glass front.

View our custom-built cabin and we think you’ll agree that it is stunning!

Local Hire company KDM hire Ltd have given our new Roamer welfare cabin a vote of confidence.

KDM’s cabin hire division K Cabin has placed an order for 20 Roamer 136ES mobile welfare units to add to their fleet.

This is the first multiple unit order for the newly designed product and is a great boost to our design and build teams who have worked hard over the last year to bring this product to completion.

Impressed by the build quality and features to improve the maintenance and life of the product, KDM’s team accessed the units vigorously before giving the thumbs up.

Hopefully the first of many orders!



One of the UK’s and Ireland’s top contractors Fox Contracts who are responsible for major landmark

projects, building roads and public infrastructure have recently invested in their cabin fleet with an order for 21 “Foreman” Anti-vandal cabins from CabinTec.

Fox Contracts recognised the build quality and long-life expectancy of the cabins as their reason to invest with Cabintec.

Fox contracts are also doing its part to help the environment by specifying eco-efficient and energy-saving cabins with double glazed PVC windows, high-density insulation, digital room thermostats, and energy-efficient heaters.


The cabins have been custom made, painted with the company’s colours and are made up of a

combination of toilets, drying rooms, canteens, and open-plan offices, all of which will be located at

different sites throughout the country.


We moved into phase 1 of our new manufacturing facility in January of this year, and we are excited

to announce that phase 2 will be complete by the end of summer.


With this expansion, we will have a purpose-built factory of 30000 sq/ft that will allow us to develop

more new products and reach new levels in our manufacturing capabilities.


Phase 2 will house our fabrication team, our new paint oven, and blast booth. The facility will enable

us to bring our entire production process in-house, giving us complete control over the quality of our

builds at every stage of production, while also letting us schedule production to meet demand.


We are excited about this phase, which will help boost the local economy and open up new

employment opportunities.


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